We are a service-based company. The capacity to ensure enjoyment is what defines us.

With our wealth of practical experience and deep understanding of the needs of the most demanding customers, we have defined the best of combinations: freedom and ownership. Ownership gives us a great feeling of achievement. Owning a yacht with no responsibility for maintenance or management is a dream come true.

We have created an original and exemplary service model, beyond merely owning a yacht, focused on full satisfaction. We know that our customers’ best investment is the one that takes them to an easier, more beautiful and enjoyable life.


EMBLEM proposes a new way of owning a superyacht.

Owners will be shareholders in a company where the sole asset is the yacht. In this way they will enjoy all the advantages, but without the responsibilities, at a much lower cost with no complications or

Operating costs are distributed among all owners. No surprises. No shocks. Without worries or bother. With total legal security, enjoying extensive tax benefits and with complete legal and financial transparency and security.

The freedom of owning a yacht is taken to a new dimension thanks to EMBLEM Signature Sea Services.


We inspire and accompany you so that your cruising experience is memorable.

Owners will enjoy personalized routes tailored to their preferences for 6 weeks a year, divided into two weeks in the summer, two weeks in the Caribbean and two weeks in spring or autumn, depending on the year, the use and enjoyment of which will always be guaranteed.

Under this arrangement, management of the boat and everything associated to it will be the sole responsibility of EMBLEM Signature Sea Services.